Early prototype

Demolding and Assembling After demolding lid and seat the overlapping jute was cut by a saw and edges were polished. The exciting moment of assembling […]

Early prototype 2

Laminating the seat Producing the seat was more complicated. The shape made finding the right cuttings for the jute mats difficult. To cover all curves […]

Early prototype 4

Wednesday and Thursday this week the prototyping continued. This time the epoxy resin was colored to make the surface more evenly, but the results are […]

Early prototype 6

2nd Day Prototyping   When I arrived at the workshop the laminated pot was unfortunately already removed from the mold (the model maker was so […]

Early prototype 5

Impressions of the production steps for the first toilet component.

First day prototyping

Today the eagerly awaited prototype production for the MoSan toilet started! The molds are milled by MFSA, a prototyping firm in Germany. Since there are […]