Making the toilets

Visualizza questo post su Instagram Sneak a peek of the Mosan production. Exciting things are in the making. Our Toilets are produced by vacuum-forming durable […]

Toilet making part 2

The following days we were testing the material and optimizing some details. The final prototypes are made of 6mm polyethylene in natural white. Other colors […]

Toilet making 1

First day of deep-drawing (vacuum forming) After the molds were milled we chose different materials and tested the stability and quality. We made samples from ABS […]

New MoSan plans and prototyping options

Hello everyone! First of all, sorry this blog was sleeping for a while. After a phase of planning, researching and redesigning, new MoSan prototypes are […]

Kenya Prototype part 1

Photo Session Luckily we still have one prototype in Germany. So I got the chance to make some studio photographs…

Kenya Prototype part 2

Improved results end of the week Dear everyone, here is one example about the improvement of prototyping results during our one week at the workshop […]

Kenya Prototype part 3

Cutting the edges of the dried toilet seat and the results   The results are not satisfying yet. How the jute cuttings are applied doesn’t […]

Kenya Prototype part 4

  Trial and Error in Dhaka February 2012   Finally i have the time to tell you about the prototyping process in Dhaka. As i […]

Prototyping in Dhaka

Prototyping in Dhaka started This week the “trial and error” phase of prototyping started. After a long journey (3 weeks) the molds arrived at the […]