Thoughts about Social Design

“Social Design” or “Design with Social Impact” is not a trend and not even a design discipline. It is a movement that is driven by […]

1st Prize of the Social Design Award

Mosan won the 1st Prize of the Social Design Award! We are proud to announce that the Mosan ecological sanitation solution is the winner of […]

Social Design Elevation Days

Mosan at the Social Design Elevation Days in Munich In February I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Social design Elevation days in Munich and […]

Hans Sauer Award 2015

Hans Sauer Award 2015 MoSan nominated for Social Design Award 2015 European contest honours design concepts for social impact. “Social Design is a design practice […]

MoSan receives Design Award!

MoSan receives Design Award! WOW. It’s time to celebrate again! ★ I’m overwhelmed! MoSan won the first prize of the BESTFORM 2013 Design Award in […]

World Toilet Organization

Jack Sim is the founder of the World Toilet Organization. In this video he talks about the sanitation crisis… “A big break-thorough will happen when we look […]