Mosan’s 2019 Highlights

2019 – What a year. We celebrate a big milestone. In September 2018 we started the first Mosan Sanitation Service in Guatemala. The start of Mosan in Central America. This first service allowed us to get ready for scale. It allowed us to demonstrate the huge potential of container-based sanitation for the region, create demand and awareness. It allowed us to bring the Mosan Toilet into series production; to design our creative-capacity-building approach for hygiene education in collaboraton with our local partners Link4. It further allowed us to develop the collection service, logistics and our transformation center, including our Pyrolysis Reactor, where human excreta is safely treated and transformed into Biochar fertilizer – offering benefits for agriculture and storing CO2 in the soil. And so much more. You can read about a few of our highlights here:

– FORBES selected Mosan as one of the Top 10 Swiss Start-ups 2019. What an honour, thank you!

– We are selected as FAMAE Top 100 Water Innovators. We love water and every drop counts and needs to be protected.

– The award-winning Mosan Toilets are in series production and we have enough stock to scale to 2 more communities in 2020. We can’t wait to meet all the families soon!

– We’ve formed a powerful team of like-minded people, fighting for better living conditions and protecting the environment and climate. We grew by 4 new team members this year! We are proud to have such talented people on board!

– To support the ecosystem around Lake Atitlán we started a big reforestation activity, with more than 20 community members and local authorities we planted more that 200 trees that will grow into a forest, acting as water storage and absorbing CO2 from the air.

We produced 2 videos about our work:
1-minute video about the Mosan system, in collaboration with filmmaker Brandon Polack.
2-minute video about the pilot project in collaboraton with RedBull.

– We were also invited by RedBull Basement Festival Zurich to give one of the 4 keynote speaches. It was a blast and so many inspiring people were part of the event. You can watch our keynote speech here. Additionally you can read the related article about Mosan.

– Our partners from MIT, including D.Lab founder Amy Smith came to visit Mosan in Guatemala.

– We developed an Impact-Management-Plan in collaboration with University St. Gallen.

– Mosan was selected to be one of 10 start-ups to participate in the AIT Colombia program – an academia industry training by SDC and The Leading House for Latin America Region at University St. Gallen to prepare Swiss start-ups for their expansion to Colombia.

– We participated in Forum ö 2019 – an event to discuss the future of work and sustainability together with leading companies in Switzerland. We took lots of hope and new connections home.

– We gave one of the keynote speeches during the SEIF Awards 2019 in Zurich. Congratulations to the winners.

– We were selected to participate in the WAKE Tech2Empower Guatemala program and had the opportunity to learn from advisors from Google and together optimize the logistics of our service.

– And most important, we already achieved an impressive impact with more than one-year of successful and safe operation of our sanitation service at Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. More than 73’000 liters of water saved! And more than 2 tons of CO2 saved. And this is just the beginning. See the full impact on the inforgraphic below.

It’s the impact and the happy families who inspire and motivate us to continue working hard to make our solution widely accessible.

Happy planet, happy people. We can’t wait for 2020!

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