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MoSan receives Design Award!

MoSan receives Design Award!

WOW. It’s time to celebrate again! ★

I’m overwhelmed! MoSan won the first prize of the BESTFORM 2013 Design Award in the category Product! The award show took place at the Experimentelle Fabrik in Magdeburg in central Germany November 11th 2013. Nine teams of each creative and business partners were nominated whereof three were awarded. The second prize went to the design office faktor-m (Mathias Bertram & Martin Liedecke) and their 3D measurement method. Stefan Griebsch and the company Hasomed received the third prize for a medical product for better apoplexy treatment.

I can’t describe how happy I am that MoSan with it’s ecological sanitation service won the first prize. This shows once more that sanitation is a current, urgent and crucially important issue and also gains attention in developed countries where the access to toilets is taken for granted. It also shows that product design is not a discipline of styling and that it becomes more recognized. Design is about solving issues and complex problems with creative thinking, and functional interactions of hardware and software components.

I am very thankful for the award and the support and also hope that the media attention contributes to a further development and diffusion of ecological sanitation and the MoSan toilet.

All the best,