Toilet Making

New MoSan plans and prototyping options

Hello everyone!

First of all, sorry this blog was sleeping for a while. After a phase of planning, researching and redesigning, new MoSan prototypes are in production in Germany right now.

From our experience in Bangladesh it is quite complicated to deal with the prototyping and the pilot preparation at the destination. Therefore we decided to produce the prototypes completely in Germany and have them ready for shipping and testing in different countries, with different user-groups and in different scenarios.

Of course, once we got enough feedback and created the demand for the MoSan household toilet, we will shift the production to the country of future use. Deep-drawing with thermoplastics is a common way of prototyping and even series production. Rotational molding, injection molding or manual laminating are also potential ways to produce the MoSan toilet. The current model makers in Germany even offered they can ship the machines for deep-drawing, so we will be able to set up or own production line and generate jobs!