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Kenya Prototype part 2

backside of lid (plastic foil was used)

Improved results end of the week

Dear everyone,

here is one example about the improvement of prototyping results during our one week at the workshop in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The upper surface of the lid is almost perfect. The jute was applied evenly and sticked to the mold. Almost no air bubbles appeared.

Unfortunately the inner surface of the lid didn’t succeed. Again the resin was too liquid. The model makers used a plastic foil to smooth and close the surface. The foil was taken off, but the structure is still visible. The structure doesn’t matter that much, but also too much resin was used and the lid became very heavy.

When they released the lid, they used too much pressure so the resin cracked. Maybe some more days and we would have identified all problems and solved them.

Right now the production stopped. We analyze the technical problems and hope to continue soon.