Toilet Making

Early prototype 2

jute cuttings pin for future urine funnelbackside of mold + air pressure the mold pin is stuck broken pin for later urine funnel

Laminating the seat

Producing the seat was more complicated. The shape made finding the right cuttings for the jute mats difficult. To cover all curves we had to cut many small parts of jute and apply them piece by piece into the mold. It took more time than planned.

The small round pin will be the future urine funnel, that separates urine into the collection bottle.

This part was most difficult. The jute did not stick to this shape and we had to improvise. We used one long jute fiber to fix the parts of jute mat to the small round pin.

So easy the releasing of the lid was, the more complicated was demolding the seat. Two men were hammering and pressing on all sides of the mold. Wooden wedges and even the air pressure from the backside did not release the seat.

More hammering, more air pressure and a lot of patience was the solution.

Again rework of the mold is needed. The pin should be a movable part that is removed before demolding the complete seat. The pin will be milled from metal and than attached to the mold on monday.