Toilet Making

Early prototype 6

uncolored first component, the main potthe broken edgepreparing the moldjute-epoxy-clay to fill small shapesfilling small shapesjute-mat/jute-clay/jute-mat/jute-matUwe is closing the moldanother layer jute mat for the edge

2nd Day Prototyping


When I arrived at the workshop the laminated pot was unfortunately already removed from the mold (the model maker was so curious he didn’t wait for me).
First the bad news: the pot broke.
The good news: we laminate another one!
And this time I will document the releasing process.
On the pictures above you can see the broken pot and the production process of another one.
For the next pot a different kind of jute mat (305 grams/meter) and one more layer of jute is used for the upper edge and the base. To fill the rounding we made a clay from jute cuttings and epoxy.