Toilet Making

First day prototyping

Today the eagerly awaited prototype production for the MoSan toilet started!

The molds are milled by MFSA, a prototyping firm in Germany.
Since there are high technology solutions in Germany the mold production is way cheaper and faster in Germany than in Bangladesh.

Later the mold will be shipped to Dhaka, Bangladesh and used to produce about 30 prototypes by the manual laminating process with resin and jute fibre mats.
This process is locally used in Bangladesh, cheap and optimal for a small scale series of prototypes. Jute is a natural, very light fibre and widely available in BD.

But before shipping the mold we test the production in Germany.

Last week the first component (the main pot) was milled by CNC machines. This two parted mold can be opened and closed for easier releasing.
The mold surface was prepared with releasing agents, than epoxy resin and jute fibre mats were layered step by step into the mold. The model maker used a brush to put pressure on the jute layers to fix it to the shape. Even though I calculated the prototype with 2–3 mm wall thickness, we have to try out different numbers of jute layers. Today we used 3 layers jute with a weight of 205 gram per meter.

Since laminating with jute is not much used in Germany, the production has an explorative character.
Tomorrow will be the magic moment of releasing the first part.

Will the first component be stable enough, the wall thickness sufficient and the surface closed and repellent?
It remains to be seen…