Still 4.2 billion people lack access to improved sanitation.
That means more than half of the world population has no access to a safe toilet.
The consequences are disease spreading, high mortality rates, and environmental contamination.


The Mosan Solution

Mosan is a smart circular sanitation system, which includes the award-winning aspirational Mosan Urine-Diverting Dry Toilet for in-home use. The comprehensive solution improves health conditions, protects the environment and water sources, transforms human excreta into valuable resources while creating local business opportunities. All Mosan products have been designed in collaboration with local communities and stakeholders. Mosan provides toilet technology and sanitation services for challenging environments.

Mosan is selected to be part of the DUBAI EXPO Live innovation programme. Expo Live is launched by Expo 2020 Dubai. Out of 11'000+ applications, Mosan is selected to be among the 140 innovations which will be showcased at the world expo 2020 in Dubai.

What people say

Mosan provides an incredible solution to sanitation challenges, but more to that, they created a sustainable business model. They make an impact on the environment and on the local communities as well and they create awareness that sanitation is still a huge problem in the world – which we tend to forget in more developed countries. I hope in the future the world will have more Mosan toilets!

Dóra Forgács Manager at PwC Switzerland, Legal and tax consultant

I consider Mosan a milestone in the development of appropriate sanitation solutions for the poor and vulnerable! The focus is on design – to ensure social acceptance – but also integrates an approach to safely collect, treat and recycle sanitation products. Recycling of human waste is the future and Mosan embraces this to strive towards a circular economy. In the realm of container-based sanitation systems and technical solutions the MoSan approach is entirely convincing and has already proven its value in the Guatemala context.

Dr. Christian Zurbrügg Member of the Directorate Eawag (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology) and Senior Researcher/Group Leader Solid Waste Management

I recommend the Mosan approach because it is a well-designed solution for congested settings in which a piped sewerage network is not a feasible option. Also, Mosan opens the way to a more efficient handling of human excreta separating a high-value fertilizer (urine) from fecal matter which can be reused. Mosan combines humanitarian challenges with a state-of-the-art design, providing real innovation to the sanitation sector.

Marc-André Bünzli Head of the Expert Group Water Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid unit at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Finally, we have a mobile sanitation solution! Mosan can play a crucial role in solving the sanitation crisis. It is much more than just a plastic box style toilet: it is an integrated resource recovery and reuse system that can be adapted to the local context to fit specific conditions.

Michael Kropac Senior Managing Partner at Seecon International GmbH/Cewas

Sanitation in low-income settlements is a huge challenge. Families have no space for a toilet at home and have to use far and dirty shared toilets. This is a big problem for children and people with disabilities. Mosan, with its focus on design and its integrated approach to excreta management and reuse, stands out in the field of container-based sanitation systems.

Philippe Reymond Project Manager at EAWAG/Sandec

Project Updates

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