Our first service point in Guatemala

The service has started!     Another big milestone to sustainable sanitation! Mosan opened its first service point in Santa Catarina Palopó in Guatemala! Families can now visit during service hours and deliver their toilet containers for emptying and cleaning! ? The service point allows us to maintain close relationships with our customers and co-creators […]

Capacity Building Workshop

Capacity Building Workshop on sanitation and hygiene with the lovely people from Santa Catarina Palopó.

Mosan meets the community

On July 30, the Mosan team met the local community of Santa Catarina Palopó, to present our sanitation solution to a group of citizens. The idea is to identify the users for the very first project in Guatemala and to start implementing our system in the Lake Atitlan region. The Mayor, Rodolfo Jój López, and representatives […]

The women of Santa Catarina Palopó

    We are inspired by the strong women who are active in Santa Catarina Palopó. Several women groups are working on technology and education projects to improve the well-being of their community. Doña Martina is one of those women and is just signing up for the Mosan system. #womenempowerment #hygiene #education Un post condiviso […]

Community meeting

  Visualizza questo post su Instagram   We believe that users of the Mosan system and toilet are more than just users, they are active parts of the solution. We therefore include people in the process of design and development, empowering them for the change. #cocreation #participation #inclusion #innovadores #comunidad Un post condiviso da Mosan […]

Meet Augustin

Meet Augustin from Santa Catarina de Polopo in Guatemala. Learning about Sanitation and hygiene is actually a lot of fun, especially with a miniature Mosan Toilet.

Human excreta recycling

  Visualizza questo post su Instagram   Coffee & discussions about the opportunities of human excreta recycling! @mario_mendozac is an expert in permaculture and agroforestry. He speaks the Mayan language Kaqchikel, Spanish, and English and has years of experience working in the Lake Atitlán region. Mario supports Mosan to create innovative recycling products, like rich […]

The view from our office

  Visualizza questo post su Instagram   Good view from the new Mosan office! Come and say hi! We are just above the gallery and next to Café Tuk. Un post condiviso da Mosan (@mosanitation) in data: Mag 20, 2018 at 3:42 PDT

The potential of excreta recycling

  Visualizza questo post su Instagram   Mosan short-movie shooting with Jessica Kind and Omar Crespo: Jessica is explaining the immense potential of excreta recycling, not only to prevent it from entering #LakeAtitlan but also to create valuable recycling products like fertilizer and fuels. Thanks @omr.cc from #link4 for ??? Un post condiviso da Mosan […]

A new adventure

Visualizza questo post su Instagram When the Mosan team and some toilets are getting ready for another adventure. #guatemala #ecosan #mosantoilet Un post condiviso da Mosan (@mosanitation) in data: Mar 22, 2018 at 1:32 PDT